252 Award Scheme

252 is a common award scheme run internally by clubs.
Eagles operate the system and it is a great way to push yourselves regardless of how long you have been shooting.

You start at 20 yards and work your way all the way through!! As you increase distances, you will find obtaining the scores progressively harder. Even if you are not new to archery you will find the longer awards a push to achieve, focusing you to improve.
To enter into the 252 scheme, please see the records officer! Who will give you your “passport”, as well as a quick rundown on how it works. Below is a table for your reference of scores required.

Remember 252 runs in Yards using 5-zone scoring. You have 36 arrows shot on a 122 cm face in ends of 6 to attempt your distance. Once you have completed a distance twice you will be considered a master and will be awarded your certificate.


DistanceAwardRecurve ScoreCompound ScoreBarebow ScoreLongbow Score.