Get in to archery

We frequently hold beginners courses throughout the year, which will get you on the way to either competitive or recreational archery.

During the 4 week coaching course we will take you though the basics and give you the tools you need to develop as an archer. A brief overview of what you can expect from our course is contained below:

  1. An overview of Recurve Sighted: this is the Olympic style of shooting.
  2. Safety: archery is a relatively safe sport.  The beginners course includes basic shooting line rules.
  3. Shooting form: right form day one you will be taught how to shoot the both safe and efficiently.
  4. Scoring: The best way to see your progress is to track scores from the start, it is a good way to see how quickly you will improve.
  5. Bow styles: you will start with the recurve bow style, however the course includes an introduction to the other bow styles including compound and longbow.

Once you have finished your course we do something that no other regional club does: we offer you a 2 extra weeks of shooting on top of the beginners coaching, where you can come down to the club and shoot on the regular line with our members.  This is a great way to try the club before you join us.

The cost of this course is £55, you will be tutored by coaches accredited by the governing body of archery, ArcheryGB.  Our coaching team includes county team members and national level archers.

Important note for young juniors:

We have no official minimum age! Permission to shoot is granted if the archer demonstrates a safe attitude.  If you would like your child to try the beginners course, please get in contact. We will arrange a day for you to come down for a quick assessment (if applicable). Archery is a safe sport, we need to ensure your child is safe on the line as well as being able to draw the bow safely. To avoid disappointment during the course we will also be making sure that your child can reach the minimum target distance.