Beyond Beginners

Decent shots on multiple targets

Just off the course?

Coming straight off the beginner’s course and shooting with the rest of the club can be very daunting. This is why we include a two session integration period for people so that they can gradually transition in!

You will still need help and this is no problem at all, the coaches, although back shooting themselves, are there to help you, so please feel free to speak with them.

During the outdoor session, we would recommend working on the “252 scheme”. This is aimed at novice archers and allows controlled and steady progress with clear goals for each archer.

Scores plateaued?

This happens to the best of us, where you feel like you aren’t getting better. There is no magic wand, but our coaches are very experienced and will work with you to help you move to the next stage!

The next level up.

If you decide to aim for more than just being a fun archer, we can help with that too! Whether it is your technique, equipment, “strength and conditioning”, competition preparation or the mental processes involved in archery, our coaches can tailor a programme to get you there!