Full Report

OMG! What a start to our field adventures! Soooo much fun, sooo many happy archers – it was amazing! Here is our full report

62 compound, recurve, barebow, traditional and longbow (yes longbows!!) archers came out to play over the weekend and everyone had great fun! The weather wasn’t as good as it could have been, but the rain more or less held off until the medal presentations, but hey-ho, that was really the last thing on the archers minds!

We had such great comments from the archers, regarding the course and facilities, that we can not go any further without thanking Ted Tricker and John Hartfield for designing the course and Chris and Sue Cox for the catering over the weekend. Comments coming back were that the course was mentally more challenging than they first thought, without being ridiculous, but also fun to shoot too! Although the course has eaten a few arrows that it has yet to spit back up – quite normal for a field course!

Our judges had a great weekend too, if the banter on the radios was anything to go by and we really appreciate their efforts in keeping us all in check during the shoot!

Sooo, onto the key results (e.g. EBB metal work!)……well done to all those that participated, you were all amazing. Well done to the competition winners and the SCAS winners too!

EBB did really well, overall, and receive the following rewards for their efforts.


Gold Ben Ledwick, Silver Alastair Wren – a really close fought category, with Alastair 2 points ahead on day one, and Ben clawing it back on day 2 (county records for both too).

Traditional Recurve

Silver Richard Danby (and county record).

Recurve (<18)

Silver Hayden Ledwick (and SCAS champion and county record).

Compound (<15)

Gold Jade Ledwick (and SCAS Champion and county records, SCAS records and NATIONAL records!!)

County record also went to Al Morrow, barebow too!

Bedfordshire/EBB took Gold in the longbow pairs (Ben and Alastair), silver in the barebow pairs (Richard and Al), silver in the recurve pairs (Hayden along side Kestrels, Michael Klein).

Bedfordshire took gold in the mixed team event too, with Jade, Michael, Al, Richard and Ben!

In true Eagles’ fashion, we didn’t have any fuss with getting the results out and for that I would like to thank Katja Hawkey for all she did in setting up a great system and basically running around for me all weekend!

I think we not only did EBB proud but showed what a great venue Avalon Archery is. I can’t wait for the 3D shoot on the 9/10th June!!!