COVID-19 Update

Return to Shooting – Phase 1

Following a review of the guidelines from ArcheryGB with regards to Phase 1, Return to Shooting, the Committee have formulated the following rules which are to be followed at all times. This is to ensure the safety of everyone.


  1. Archers must not come to the range/club if they show symptoms of any illness, but in particular of COVID-19.
    Symptoms include but are not limited to:
    • A new persistent and dry cough
    • A raised temperature
    • A loss of sense of taste or smell
  2. If you are symptomatic, or someone in your household has a possible COVID-19 infection, or if you are classified as extremely vulnerable on health grounds, the guidance is that you should remain at home.
  3. Those who develop symptoms after attending the archery range are to contact the club straight away.
  4. Everyone must practice social distancing at all times and maintain a separation in accordance with government guidelines of at least 2 metres.
  5. People from different households must not travel together.

Facilities Access and Equipment Usage

  • Hand sanitiser is not provided. For hygiene reasons, members are recommended to bring their own hand sanitiser for use before/after their session, after handling any equipment, and after contact with the lock/gate when accessing the range.
  • Hand sanitiser products should be used after contact with the lock/gate when accessing the range.
  • Shooting must be booked on-line in advance, and booking is a prerequisite to visiting the field. Do not attend the field without booking confirmation.
  • Targets will be restricted to one archer per target. Archers from the same household may share a target.
  • Guardians and arrow agents must be from the same household as the archer, and must remain within the archer's designated lane.
  • Targets must not be moved position. You must confirm that they are secured to the ground prior to shooting.
  • Targets will remain on the field. Distances will be set weekly and the archers updated on the distances and suitable rounds or 252 that is applicable.
  • All archers will be issued with a personal target face/pin pack. This is for their sole use only and is to be taken away with the archer at the end of the session for disposal or reuse as appropriate. Additional target faces will be available in the green container – you must use hand sanitiser after accessing the container.
  • No club equipment will be made available for general use, and no equipment (other than bosses) will be left at the field. (If you do require equipment to be able to shoot please speak with Nikki).

Book, Turn Up, Shoot, Go Home

  • The booking system for shooting “lanes” will be open from 1st June and will display the available slots for shooting.
  • Coaching is available, check availability before booking a slot.
  • Slots for lanes are displayed on the booking system, a 15 minute gap for changeover is included in the session time.
  • You must have left the shooting venue by the end of the allocated time.
  • Booking is through ClubEvent, accessible through the menu at the top of this website
  • Target shooting slots are as follows:
    • 0700 - 1000
    • 1000 - 1300
    • 1300 - 1600
    • 1600 - 1900
  • Field shooting slots are as follows:
    • 0700 - 1000
    • 1000 - 1300
    • 1300 - 1600
    • 1600 - 1900

These rules are subject to change and will be reviewed periodically, in line with guidance from the Government and ArcheryGB.

It is imperative that these rules are followed to ensure that we can continue to shoot.

Keep safe and hopefully see you soon