252 Award Scheme

252 is a common award scheme run internally by clubs.
Eagles operate the system and it is a great way to push yourselves regardless of how long you have been shooting.

You start at 20 yards and work your way all the way through!! As you increase distances, you will find obtaining the scores progressively harder. Even if you are not new to archery you will find the longer awards a push to achieve, focusing you to improve.
To enter into the 252 scheme, please see the records officer! Who will give you your “passport”, as well as a quick rundown on how it works. Below is a table for your reference of scores required.

Remember 252 runs in Yards using 5-zone scoring. You have 36 arrows shot on a 122 cm face in ends of 6 to attempt your distance. Once you have completed a distance twice you will be considered a master and will be awarded your certificate.


Eagles at AGB stage 1 and 2

Alex Bray (Compound) & Ben Ledwick (Longbow) have come back from the National series, tired but happy.
The format for the weekend was a 720 ranking shoot in the morning followed by a knock out head to head in the afternoon.
The wind in Worcestershire was not playing ball and this proved tricky to shoot in, but all competitors had to deal with the same “light” breezes.
Both Alex and Ben qualified for the head to heads with day one Ben getting through the first round and knocked out in the second round.  Alex won through to the 3rd round.
One one note Ben (as you may have noticed) shoots a floor board, and he was the only longbow archer competing at the shoot.  This is because it is geared towards Recurve and Compound styles.  Not to be deterred Ben still shot, and now has the same amount of ranking points (or better) than several recurve archers on the country.
Well done guys Eagles are proud.

ONTarget Round 3

It seems that the reputation of the Eagles has reached the heights of other clubs.  We were lucky enough to have a bye in the first round and at the last minute the team in the 2nd round were unable to compete.
So there we were the 3rd round without having shot an arrow.
The intrepid quad team of Nikki, Hayden, Al and Alex B set off for Rutland.  Hayden was shooting in the compound section with his recurve.
After an enjoyable shoot had by all, we didn’t win, however it was close and next year will be a…….whole new year LOL.
The time to celebrate however is here as this is the furthest a team from Bedfordshire has attained in this national competition.

Club Success at Bedfordshire County Open

Sunday saw the eagles out in action at the Bedfordshire county open. The wind was fought off for some very impressive results. Nikki Ledwick fought off a suspected broken hand to win the ladies Longbow. Alex Bray battled with the wind to take home the gents compound trophy. Ben Ledwick went on for silver in the men’s longbow, and finally David Holmes won bronze in the gent’s recurve. Special shout outs to Hayden Ledwick shooting far above his age and narrowly missing out on a medal but comes away with a comfortable bowman score. The other Eagles representing were not quite so lucky but all represented the club proudly. Shout outs to Alex Scott, Sam Ledwick and Katja Hawkey.

On to the next competition to add to the eagles silverware.

Beginners Coaching

Our 2018 beginners course are as follows: Week beginning: April 2nd , June 11th, Sept 10th, Nov 19th. We will also be running a passport course over the school summer holidays. You sign up for the course and coaches will operate to fit with you summer holidays! To complete you need to finish 4 sessions. Only valid during Beds published school holiday period.


We are always putting on beginners courses, message us to find out when you can get on one. Email us at to book on!


As Bedford’s premier archery club we are always over subscribed on our beginners courses!

This course will be the second course that runs to our new standard and boy have we done a lot of work on it. This is now far more beginners coaching than just a course to get you to shoot.

During the 4 week coaching course we will take you from basics and give you all the tools you need to develop as archers.

  • Recurve Sighted; We will teach you the Olympic style of shooting.
  • Safety; archery is one of the safest sports you can do. We will teach you how to shoot safely.
  • Correct form; right form day one we teach you how to draw the both safe and efficiently.
  • Scoring; Scoring is simple and easy, it gives you all the tools you need to track your progress.
  • Bow styles; while we will teach you recurve we will give you a introduction to other styles, including compound and longbow.

Once you have finished your course we do something that no one else in the county does, we offer you a 2 extra weeks on top of the beginners coaching, where you can come down to the club and shoot on the regular line with our members. This is a great way to try the club before you join us.

The Cost of this course is £55, it is lead by an Archery GB level 2 coach assisted by up to 5 level 1 coaches, which include county team members and national level archers.