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Online Booking

Sessions can be booked online by current members, contact the club secretary for more details.

Membership fees

All members are required to affiliate with ArcheryGB, which means archers are insured to shoot.

Note if you are new to the sport you will need to take beginners coaching prior to becoming a member.

Membership fees

note: excludes ArcheryGB and regional fees

  • Juniors (under 18) £42.50 per year
  • Senior Members (18-24) £65 per year
  • Seniors (over 25) £127.50 per year.
  • Disabled £65 per year

Affiliate fees

Available if you already hold ArcheryGB insurance with another club

  • Juniors (under 18) £30 per annum
  • Senior Members (18-24) £50 per annum
  • Seniors (18-59) £75 per annum
  • Masters (60+) £50 per annum

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